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Beautiful oxbow lake

Grovetown Lagoon was formed when the Wairau River changed its course roughly 155 years ago when a bend was cut off and became a circular lake.

Marlborough community working together

The Grovetown Lagoon Project presents a unique opportunity for the Marlborough community to come together and bring about positive environmental change, with enhanced ecology, improved water quality and landscape. This project enables members of the community and working groups to share in the responsibility of protecting these threatened habitats of springfed waterways and natural wetlands.

Life At The Lagoon

The Lagoon is home to a wide variety of birds – the new Loop Track provides easy access to walk right around and see the birds and the lagoon from different viewpoints. Birds seen here include black swan, grey teal, mallard, shoveler duck, scaup, pukeko, coot, paradise duck, black shags, little white throated shags, black backed gulls, kingfishers, welcome swallows, blackbirds, song thrushes, goldfinches, starlings and harrier hawks. Occasional visitors are white herons and royal spoonbills.

The Loop Track is an easy and mainly flat walk, that takes about 50 minutes. There is a wheel chair accessible toilet at the start of the track.

Grovetown Lagoon